Unity Newsletter

The Unity Newsletter is a monthly publication about, by, and for members of A.A. in the region. We currently publish meeting minutes, events, stories/jokes, service opportunities, group contribution reports, birthdays, and general information. Publication does not imply endorsement by either AA or Unity Newsletter, except when indicated.

If you would like to receive the Unity Newsletter, you can sign up to receive an emailed version at no cost to you. (Sign up below). To have a copy mailed to you, it cost $5.00/year for a 12 month subscription.

The Unity Newsletter is in need of volunteers to help keep it running! Please consider donating your experience, strength, and hope to the next newsletter.  Contact the Intergroup Office at 865-522-9667 or office@etiaa.org to submit your short joke or story, that might end up in the next newsletter.

If you are interested in being on the Intergroup Newsletter Committee, contact the Intergroup Office at 865-522-9667 or office@etiaa.org