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New Books

New items at the Intergroup! Grapevine just released their new book on AA in the military. We’ve also had lots of requests to carry the sequel to “Drop the Rock,” called “The Ripple Effect” so that is in stock now too.

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Meeting Guide Search and App

We now have a meeting guide search.  You can access it here at  We also have all of our meetings on a new app called “Meeting Guide.”  You can download it through the links below.  It can also be found on your App store under “Meeting Guide” with this blue and white folding chair logo.

We are also undergoing construction on our website so things may not be where you are used to seeing them until we complete the renovations.

Newsletter Mailing List

OOPS! We accidentally deleted the East Tennessee Intergroup’s hard copy mailing list for our newsletter. If you know of or hear anyone saying they did not receive their newsletter in the mail, please ask them to call the Intergroup Office at 865-522-9667.

New Books at Intergroup

We now have Grapevine’s newest book:

Our Twelve Traditions

In this collection of stories from AA Grapevine, members write about their experiences with the core principles contained in AA’s Twelve Traditions. Born of the trial-and-error experience of the Fellowship’s earliest years, the Twelve Traditions provide the spiritual and practical underpinning for AA’s ongoing adventure of living and working together. Seen through the eyes of individual members, the stories in this book offer groups, as well as members, workable solutions to difficult problems. $12.25


And since we have received many requests, Drop the Rock:

Drop the Rock Second Edition

Resentment. Fear. Self-Pity. Intolerance. Anger. As Bill P. explains, these are the “rocks” that can sink recovery- or at the least, block further progress. Based on the principles behind Steps Six and Seven, Drop the Rock combines personal stories, practical advice, and powerful insights to help readers move forward in recovery. The second edition features additional stories and a reference section. $9.25


The East Tennessee Intergroup Needs Volunteers! If you or someone you know is looking for Service Work-send them our way!

We currently have openings all during the week but Mondays, Fridays and Saturday mornings are currently unstaffed.
Ever wonder what exactly Intergroup is, why we need one or even what we do here? Become an Intergroup volunteer and find out! Shifts are available Mon – Fri, between 9am-5pm and Sat, 9am-1pm onsite at Intergroup answering phones, coordinating 12 Step calls, selling literature and assisting members and the general public with information about Alcoholics Anonymous. This service position is a great way to meet other members of our Fellowship and to dive into Service Work!
Open Orientation: April Friday, April 22, April 29 and May 6 at 10:30am. Other Orientation times available by request.

Intergroup Needs Volunteers

New Book from Grapevine Available at Intergroup

New from Grapevine

Just published!


How AA Members Use the Program
To Improve Relationships

When we were drinking, many of us had, as the Step Four chapter in the AA book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions puts it, “a total inability to form a true partnership with another human being.”
Forming True Partnerships is a collection of Grapevine stories that show the many ways members use the Twelve Steps, sponsorship, and the tools of the program to improve and repair relationships, old and new.

With candid and colorful stories on families, friendships, marriage, divorce, dating, romance, coworkers, sponsorship and pets, Forming True Partnerships covers a wide range of experience from sober alcoholics on how we form true partnerships with others.

For yourself, or someone you know, each page in this book, offers an inspiring passage of experience, strength and hope to bring into your life.