Service Worker Notes


We do not provide Meeting Verification Sheets.


Make sure any boxes of books you put out are stamped. They don’t need to be priced.

DO NOT listen to political stuff in the office even if you turn it off when someone comes in.
Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never be drawn into public controversy.

Rebekah was out this week because she was quarantined after she got exposed and is out of the office until at least Wednesday the 21st.


Do not use the bubble mailers for anything but mail. They are expensive.


The Square terminal has been acting up. I did a factory reset of it so hopefully that works. It also seems to correct itself if you hold down the power button to make it reset however that takes a minute. I have also set it up reboot every night at 3am so hopefully that helps. I have updated and charged two tablets to be ready to go as a back up. The external chip card readers are also being charged and are on top of the tablets on top of the bookcase.

We are going to change prices starting November 1.
-GSO and Grapevine materials will match the item price in the catalog so most of our prices on these items will come down. For example Hard Back Big Books will be $9.50.
– Drunk Junk will increase to halfway between our cost and retail so these items will go up. Triplates will be $15.00
-Bronze Medallions will go down to $1.00
If you are interested in help reprice, we will be doing it the afternoon of November 1 so it’s ready to go on November 2.
-Quantity Discounts will still apply.

We just received a VERY large order of books. They only need to be stamped since they will all be repriced on November 1.

Please wear a mask in the office. As AA’s we have no opinion on outsides issues but we do follow all government mandates. There have already been articles about AA meetings causing outbreaks so I’d prefer us not drawing AA into controversy.

All the crystals on the Triplates are guaranteed. They just have to call the number on that little square of paper that comes in the triplate envelopes.

There is a list of Service Work on the dry erase board for anyone who wants. I often use it for people who come in but don’t want a regular service commitment or don’t meet the sobriety length requirements for other service positions and for us when we are bored. I’m making a post about it on FB so you may get some calls.

We are running low on the 12×12 window shades. If we sell them out before the next order, we can take the ones off the wall and sell those.