Service Worker Notes


While working on the website, I’ve changed and added a few things.

Mixed Bag of Plastic Chips- INCLUDES: 6 WHITE, 3 X 30 DAY, 3 X 60 DAY, 3 X 90 DAY, 3 X 6 MONTH, 3 X 9 MONTH, 1 VISITOR, 1 RESENTMENT


We have an online store! Check it out:
It’s horrible since we still need photos and descriptions but it works. I have also set up an email for the main desk that any orders will go to. Make sure Outlook is always open and it will make a sound when an order arrives. We will be accepting pickup and shipped orders. For a Pickup order-just assemble it. For shipped orders, directions are in the white folder. This process is new to us all so let me know where we need more info or anything. Place the email for the completed order into the fulfilled folder and document so we aren’t double sending or not sending orders. Currently, we don’t get many online orders but if we get more we will definitely upgrade the process as needed.

Once we get it looking good we will roll it our to the public.

We will also be getting a new website any day now. Keep checking back to see how it goes.


Can I just tell you all how awesome you are? You are and we really appreciate you and your hard work!

We keep finding bags of chips that don’t have 25 chips. When people come in to get a few, ask them to take them from the extras in the medallion organizer. I also put up a sign to direct them. If you don’t know where the extras are, we will gladly show you. If you run out of extras, just put a whole bag in the extras. We need to make sure if they are paying for 25, they get 25. It also doesn’t hurt to count them at the time of sale.

Contribution Jars. Always record anything you take from the Contribution Jar as a Group Contribution and add the customer as “Contribution Jar.” Also make sure you record EVERY transaction. We have been missing some and this messes up our bookkeeping.

If anyone is interested in being the Service Worker Coordinator, let me know. Responsibilities include: making the schedule, making sure we have coverage in case of emergencies (you don’t have to cover, just find someone to cover), train and recruit new service workers.

Feel free to give out Rebekah’s work cell 865*320/8649 for anyone who wants to leave her a voicemail directly. Do not give out her personal cell, that is for Service Workers to reach her while on duty when they need to speak to her now.

When you refund a transaction, could you write down in the log book the reason or you can type it into the square?


HS and RG were our first two winners of the December raffle. They are named in our log book. HS won a tshirt. I left him a voicemail and told him to come to the office to pick one out. If none of them fit him, he can AA around the world. I was able to get a hold of RG and his shirt is in a manila envelope in the pick up bins.

We have sold some gift cards and it’s that time of the year so here are videos on how to sell and redeem gift cards. FYI we only have e-gift cards.

Selling Gift Cards

Redeeming Gift Cards

Holiday Gifts: We are planning to send out Starbucks gift cards via email this year. Please make sure we have your email and let us know if you hate Starbucks and we will get you something else.


We will be rearranging the office over the Thanksgiving holiday.

For December, we are having a month long open house. Part of the open house is we are giving a raffle ticket to everyone that comes into the office. Limited to one ticket per day. I will put out a roll of tickets and a container for them. Ask them to write their name and number on the ticket so we can contact them if they win. We will also be posting winners in the Facebook Group (if they are okay with that.)

Elections for Intergroup Chairs are in December. I encourage everyone to consider taking on one of these or getting involved in Intergroup at the board level. Here are the positions up for rotation:
Service Worker Coordinator-
Spanish Speaking Liason- Outreach but in Spanish –


I have cleaned and sanitized the office and put up more signs about masks.

We are still looking for someone to cover this Friday 11/20.

We’ve reformatted our meeting list so check it out.

Because we have gotten so many calls for people looking for these meetings we have added the “5” Column to designate meetings that are observing the 5 Core Actions suggested by the state.
-Practice Physical Distancing.
-Wear Cloth Face Coverings.
-Practice Proper Handwashing.
-Clean/Sanitize Surfaces.
-Stay Home if You’re Sick.
Y= Yes observing all, S=Observing some, N= Not Observing, ?= We don’t know.
We’ve also discontinued the Knox County Meeting List. We originally started the list to cut down on printing costs but now our printing has decreased so much that it is not practical to continue to update two lists.


AA for the Alcoholic with Special Needs has been changed to Access to AA. AA for the Woman is now Women in AA. AA for the Gay and Lesbian is now LGBTQ+ Alcoholics in AA.

Plastic Chips have arrived. Please bag and count them. They don’t count them, they weigh them so we always get more than we ordered and we need to count them so we have the right info for inventory. Please document.

We have got some new Large Print items in. We have a Service Manual, This is AA, FAQ about AA. We have also got a new Leading Beginners Meeting Packet.

Don’t assemble Newcomer Packets if all items are not available. Or call Rebekah for clarification.


Let callers know that meeting changes will take up to two weeks. They are starting to make multiple calls if changes take longer than a day or two.

White, Red, Yellow and Blue chips are ordered. Big Book Large Print and Is AA for You? are backordered. Is AA for Me? is a good sub for the pamphlet. They almost say the same thing.

Pricing- we are still working on pricing items in the office. There are lots of items that still need to be done. Please make a note of any items that you have an issue with. There are lots of pamphlets that need barcodes if you need a project.

Red Chips- If you get any returned with the wrong printing on them, throw them away.


New price tags. Green lettered price tags are discontinued items. Once they sell out please remove the tag from the shelf and make a note in the log. Red lettered price tags are items on sale.


We do not provide Meeting Verification Sheets.


Make sure any boxes of books you put out are stamped. They don’t need to be priced.

DO NOT listen to political stuff in the office even if you turn it off when someone comes in.
Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never be drawn into public controversy.

Rebekah was out this week because she was quarantined after she got exposed and is out of the office until at least Wednesday the 21st.


Do not use the bubble mailers for anything but mail. They are expensive.


The Square terminal has been acting up. I did a factory reset of it so hopefully that works. It also seems to correct itself if you hold down the power button to make it reset however that takes a minute. I have also set it up reboot every night at 3am so hopefully that helps. I have updated and charged two tablets to be ready to go as a back up. The external chip card readers are also being charged and are on top of the tablets on top of the bookcase.

We are going to change prices starting November 1.
-GSO and Grapevine materials will match the item price in the catalog so most of our prices on these items will come down. For example Hard Back Big Books will be $9.50.
– Drunk Junk will increase to halfway between our cost and retail so these items will go up. Triplates will be $15.00
-Bronze Medallions will go down to $1.00
If you are interested in help reprice, we will be doing it the afternoon of November 1 so it’s ready to go on November 2.
-Quantity Discounts will still apply.

We just received a VERY large order of books. They only need to be stamped since they will all be repriced on November 1.

Please wear a mask in the office. As AA’s we have no opinion on outsides issues but we do follow all government mandates. There have already been articles about AA meetings causing outbreaks so I’d prefer us not drawing AA into controversy.

All the crystals on the Triplates are guaranteed. They just have to call the number on that little square of paper that comes in the triplate envelopes.

There is a list of Service Work on the dry erase board for anyone who wants. I often use it for people who come in but don’t want a regular service commitment or don’t meet the sobriety length requirements for other service positions and for us when we are bored. I’m making a post about it on FB so you may get some calls.

We are running low on the 12×12 window shades. If we sell them out before the next order, we can take the ones off the wall and sell those.