Bridging the Gap-Volunteer Form

0A BTG temporary contact is matched up with a same-sex alcoholic discharging from a treatment or correctional facility who has expressed a desire for contact from A.A. The purpose is to help the new AA get acquainted and comfortable in A.A, giving them an introduction to sponsorship, home groups, the 12 steps, the 12 traditions, and service. Also, of note, temporary contacts are NOT intended to be the new AA’s sponsor! But a temporary contact is encouraged to share with the new AA their experience on how they chose their sponsor.  The contact is TEMPORARY only. You are asked to take them to (or meet them at, if they have transportation) up to 6 different meetings upon their ‘release’ from treatment or the correctional facility.

Sobriety requirements are 1 year of sobriety. You may take someone with as little as 1 day sober with you, however. And two people should try to go on each service call. So two or more may go, but at least one person should have 1 year of sobriety, and you should not have so many people on the call that you lose focus on the purpose of the service call. Please only sign up here as a contact, though, if you have at least 1 year of sobriety.

Download BRIDGING THE GAP Summer 2015 for a detailed description and sign-up form.