Intergroup Representative

The Intergroup Representative is your Home Group’s voice for assuring that your Intergroup Service Office functions and carries out its Primary Purpose. All AA groups are welcome to participate at Intergroup.

All AA groups are eligible for membership. Groups elect an Intergroup Representative and an Alternate Representative; they usually serve a 2 year term. Each group determines length of sobriety for their Representative however experience has shown that at least 2 years is ideal. After a representative is elected by their group, the representative is entitled to vote at the Intergroup Representatives Meeting.

Intergroup Reps and Alternate Reps attend the monthly Intergroup Representatives’ Meeting. These ‘Reps Meetings’ are held 12 times per year on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 12:30pm at the Intergroup Office unless it falls on a holiday. Intergroup Reps are responsible for two-way communication between their Home Group and Intergroup. Minutes are available in the Unity Newsletter.

If you are interested in being a Intergroup Representative, contact the Intergroup Office at 865-522-9667 or