East Tennessee
Intergroup of
Alcoholics Anonymous

District and Intergroup Meetings

District Meetings:

District 1 Typically meets the first Saturday of even months @11am at the Renaissance Center.  Please contact District 1DCM through ETIAA for most accurate information.

District 2 meets the 4th Sunday of the month @2pm at REBOS building, 213 E Maple St Johnson City, TN 37601.

District 3 meets the first Sunday of the Month @12:30pm at the Morristown Group.

District 4 meets the first Sunday of ODD months @2:00pm at Happy Destiny.

District 50/51 meets the first Monday of the month @6:30pm at the Intergroup Office.

District 6 meets the first Thursday of the month @8:30pm on Zoom Meeting ID: 821 3520 6316   Password: AA.

Service Committees:

Intergroup Committee meets the third Monday of the month at the Intergroup Office and on Zoom.  Meeting ID: 190817 792 Password: 076583.  

Meetings that fall on holidays may be rescheduled.  Contact the Intergroup Office here, or your DCM for more informat