East Tennessee
Intergroup of
Alcoholics Anonymous

May 2020 Unity Newsletter

Step Five – A Clean Slate
Most of us were born perfect and the slate was clean. From the very
first day of our lives we started to experience different emotions (for
lack of a better term) and those feelings had a lot to do with the way we
evolved into who we are today. Instinctively we responded to the different threats and joys that we were faced with and these were the things that established our strengths and weaknesses. That is true for most of
us, but not all of us.

Unfortunately some of us were born with other problems that require
medication, such as, A.D.D; Bipolar, and other difficulties that cannot be
treated simply by changing our attitudes and behavior. These things, I
am not educated enough to discuss, but for the average alcoholic, I believe, our problems can be traced back to that conditioning we experienced as we formed our mental and spiritual makeup.

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