East Tennessee
Intergroup of
Alcoholics Anonymous

November 2017 Unity Newsletter

Intergroup Committee Elections

Nominations: November 12th at 12:30pm
Elections: December 10th at 12:30pm
Chairperson: Chairs all meetings and is authorized
to sign any banking transactions. When needed,
appoints ad hoc committees and tallies votes.
Vice-Chairperson: In the absence of Chairperson,
the Vice-Chairperson acts as Chairperson for the
monthly meetings of Intergroup Representatives.
Secretary: Records minutes of Intergroup meetings
and sends them in a timely fashion to the
Chairperson, Office Manager and Newsletter.
Treasurer: Reviews ETIAA accounting books.
Ensures current financial statements and reports
are available at monthly Intergroup meetings.
Reviews all expenses over $100 except previously
approved or standard expenses. Signs checks as
needed, usually every other week.
Accessibilities Committee: This group provides
aid to AA members needing assistance due to various
Spanish Speaking Liaison: Visits Latin groups and
is available for phone calls from Spanish-speaking
AA members.
Treatment Committee: Formed to coordinate the
work of individual members and groups interested in
carrying AA’s message of recovery to alcoholics in
treatment and outpatient settings.
Hotline Coordinator: Manages coverage and training
for all volunteer hotline service workers.

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