East Tennessee
Intergroup of
Alcoholics Anonymous

February 2019 Unity Newsletter

Step Two:

“Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves
could restore us to sanity.”

THE moment they read Step Two, most A.A. newcomers
are confronted with a dilemma, sometimes a serious one.
How often have we heard them cry out, “Look what you
people have done to us! You have convinced us that we
are alcoholics and that our lives are unmanageable.
Having reduced us to a state of absolute helplessness, you
now declare that none but a Higher Power can remove
our obsession. Some of us won’t believe in God, others
can’t, and still others who do believe that God exists have
no faith whatever He will perform this miracle. Yes,
you’ve got us over the barrel, all right—but where do we
go from here?”

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions, page 21. Copyright © 1981 Alcoholics
Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Second Step Prayer
Heavenly Father, I know in my heart that only you can restore me to sanity. I humbly ask that you remove all twisted thought and addictive behavior from me this day. Heal my spirit and restore in me a clear mind.

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