East Tennessee
Intergroup of
Alcoholics Anonymous

June 2019 Unity Newsletter

Step Six:

“Were entirely ready to have God
remove all these defects of character.”

“This is the Step that separates the men from the boys.” So declares a well-loved clergyman who happens to be one of A.A.’s greatest friends. He goes on to explain that any person capable of enough willingness and honesty to try repeatedly Step Six on all his faults—without any reservations whatever—has indeed come a long way spiritually, and is therefore entitled to be called a man who is sincerely trying to grow in the image and likeness of his
own Creator.

Of course, the often disputed question of whether God can—and will, under certain conditions—remove defects of character will be answered with a prompt affirmative by almost any A.A. member. To him, this proposition will be no theory at all; it will be just about the largest fact in his life.

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions, page 63. Copyright © 1981
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Sixth Step Prayer
Dear God, I am ready for Your help
In removing from me the defects of character
Which I now realize are an obstacle to my recovery.
Help me to continue being honest with myself and
Guide me toward spiritual and mental health.

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